About Us

We believe that the best education is teacher driven

and that the best technologies strive to help, not replace, teachers.

We know from educational science that parts of the brain responsible for learning are active only when interacting with a live teacher. In this way, the brain is able to better understand the unfamiliar material. Tests using artificial intelligence have shown that the brain cannot be tricked into this enhanced learning response. Technology best enhances learning only when part of a teacher-directed activity. Teachers are indispensable, making SchoolBoogy the premier interface to supplement and enhance conceptual understanding and retention.

Core Values

Teachers are most effective when they know how much their students are learning.

SchoolBoogy Teacher’s Edition is the best tool available to quickly and easily assess student learning allowing the teacher to most effective direct learning.

No Student should ever have to struggle to get help.

SchoolBoogy Student Edition provides additional tools for students to reinforce classroom learning by providing video tutorials and teacher created video Chalk Talks.

In order for parents to help their children, the parent must know what the teacher knows when the teacher knows it.

SchoolBoogy Parent’s Edition lets the parents follow their child progress in real time. Parents can use video tutorials and teacher Chalk Talks to review class material with their child. When a child is having difficulty understanding a concept, parent interaction enhances the child’s ability to comprehend and retain new knowledge.

Schoolboogy takes classroom education to a whole new level by powering teachers do things in the classroom but couldn’t do before. Students are presented with an immersive learning environment that makes it possible for students to absorb information in new ways, reinforcing learning like never before. Other systems are designed to meet one aspect of education. Schoolboogy takes a large view and looks at everything occurring in the classroom.

SchoolBoogy is the best system for creating state standard compliant curricula and lesson plans. It is the best learning environment for students. It is the best way to assess and improve student progress.