How SchoolBoogy Works

SchoolBoogy Can Change

the Meaning of Education for Your Child

SchoolBoogy is a comprehensive teaching management system. Application functionality covers the full education lifecycle from student information management, class scheduling, digital curricula delivery, digital tutoring, and automated grading of objective and subjective assessments. Schoolboogy even offers a range of meaningful reports to track overall school program progress.   To match the functionality of SchoolBoogy, a school would have to leverage a number of different systems that are not integrated. SchoolBoogy is easier to use and cheaper to own.

The heart of SchoolBoogy is the Learning and Assessment Engines.  These two engines are designed to maximize learning and retention using the brain’s own natural functions. Using immersive digital curricula, students really come to understand the material through digital textbooks, video tutorials, video Chalk Talks (teacher created), practice exercises, homework management, and more.  Long-term retention happens through a proprietary repetition algorithm that matches the brain’s long-term memory cycles.  After each assessment, SchoolBoogy generates individual learning plans that map a student’s path to better performance.