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SchoolBoogy’s approach to education improvement is what separates SchoolBoogy from other education technology projects. Most education technology either provides digital content or provides tools for teachers to organize their lesson material.  Studies have shown that these technologies have a net marginal positive effect or are ineffective completely. SchoolBoogy is a dramatic change in education technology.

First, we understand that education technology must be more than a collection of independent tools.  Instead, in order to empower teachers and dramatically impact education outcomes, technology must take into consideration the entire education lifecycle. That means technology must account for learning standards, lesson plan creation, digital content presentation, and robust assessment functionality.  SchoolBoogy offers end to end functionality that empowers teacher, students and parents alike.

Second, transformative technology must work with the natural learning process and not try to take short cuts by reinventing the wheel.  Learning is a biological function and there is an identifiable hum learning pattern.  SchoolBoogy enhances learning my enforcing these learning patterns in the use of the system.

Third, education technology of the future must be based on a realistic idea of what it means to learn. For effective learning, the technology needs to rethink what it means to test, assess, and remediate academic shortcomings. The system must allow for a continuous cycle of reinforcement, both independent and under the guidance of the teaching staff.

Finally, education must be adaptive and collaborative.  Students, teacher, and parents must be able to engage and interact within the system. SchoolBoogy’s engagement functionality is like no other providing a safe and powerful environment to collaborate and interact.

We are convinced that when you see what SchoolBoogy can do, you will want to make an investment to help bring this life-changing technology to a school near you. Sign up today to find out about SchoolBoogy investment opportunities.

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