TextBooks That Meet Learning Standards

Clear, Concise Explanations of Important Concepts

SchoolBoogy Textbooks can be customized for your needs or used as is.  In addition, any licensed textbook material can be formatted on published in SchoolBoogy giving teachers the ability to keep the textbook material they are familiar with.


The SchoolBoogy Interface is full of features that improve learning and save teachers time.  The end result is a higher quality education.

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Digital Textbooks

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Video Tutorials

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Teacher ChalkTalks

Quickly Access Individual Lesson

SchoolBoogy digital text books are designed to deliver an immersive learning that experience that is fully compliant with your state learning standard.  Our curricula design team look at the best textbooks for K-12 in the market and enhanced them for a better digital delivery experience.

Reinforce Learning

Along side our digital textbooks you will find online tutorials designed to reinforce textbook content in a rich multimedia environment. All said, there is no better material available on the market.

Customer the Lesson With Chalk Talks

Chalk Talks is a SchoolBoogy exclusive that allows teachers to add their own custom videos explaining lesson content.  This allows teachers to customize lesson delivery to suit the needs of individual students, allowing them extended explanations of lesson concepts.


Practice Exercises

Fern Plant

Learn More

Mountains in Fog


Practice That Matters

Practice exercises are generated dynamically every time the students request more practice.  This saves the teacher time creating practice exercises and students benefit from being provided fresh new problem sets to practice on.  Practice Exercises for objective content like math problems are graded automatically, while subjective answers such as essay questions are graded within 24 hours by our teacher support service.

Organize Internet Resources

The internet has a lot of great content.  Learn More allows teachers to directly associate internet content, documents, and videos with a specific lesson for students to reinforce lesson concepts. Students and teacher no longer have to search the internet on their own, or handout additional material in class.

Homework Made Easy

Home work is integrated into the SchoolBoogy Grade Book applications allowing automated management of grading.  Each homework assigned is unique drawing form an extensive database of tested problems. In addition, the Homework module automatically includes problems sets from previous lessons that provide students with the right amount of repetition to create long-term knowledge retention.


SchoolBoogy features powerful assessment tools that save teacher time while enabling students to achieve better outcomes. Teacher's benefit from time saving tools like automated grading, while students can target their learning is areas where they face the greatest challenges.

Track Progress More Effectively

Achieve More

Generated Assessments

A Better Use of Teacher's TIme

SchoolBoogy features an assessment engine that generates assessments against a database of problems aligned with specific lessons. Teachers no longer need to spend the time creating test material because SchoolBoogy generates unique tests for every student based on a library of text problems and questions that align to the applicable learning learning standard.

Automated Grading

Less Time Grading Impacts Teacher Retention

after hours when teachers could be spending time with their own family. SchoolBoogy features automated grading for both objective and subjective test questions. An objective question has a fixed answer. For these types of questions, SchoolBoogy automatically scores the test and assigned points for each correct answer.  For subjective questions, such as essay questions, SchoolBoogy provides computer assisted grading that has shown to reduce subjective grading time by as much as 60%.

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