Help Your Child Do Better Has Never Been Easier

Parents Can Monitor Their Childs Progress Every Step of the Way


Unique Parent Features

A knowledgeable parent is more likely to be involved in their child's education. SchoolBoogy makes engagement easy.

Know How Your Child Is Doing In Real Time

Rather than waiting to receive an email from your child's teacher, the SchoolBoogy Parent Edition posts your child'd grades as soon as they are graded. The reports also details what concepts your child did well on and what concepts they struggled with.

Advanced Notification of Your Childs Daily Assignments

SchoolBoogy sends a notification each day of what your child has been assigned for that day.  In addition, Schoolboogy notifies you of upcoming projects and test so that you can help your child be prepared.

Access The Same Material Your Child Uses Daily

Parents have access to the same textbook and videos tutorials their child has making it easy to help your child with learning activities. Parents can see their child's Learning Plan and set aside the time to monitor your child's learning activities.

Become Educated On Way To Help Your Child Succeed

SchoolBoogy offers a number of short course and guides to teach you, the parents, the best ways to be involved with their child and the most effective strategies to help your child succeed.


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