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At its heart, SchooBoogy is a teaching tool designed to equip teachers with knowledge and time saving tools that allow them to spend more time teaching and addressing the individual needs of their students.


Learning Zones Explained

A Test Score is unrevealing of individual student learning. For example, what does the teacher see when looking at 10 students with a 75% grade point average? What is the difference between a student who scores a 76 on a test verse the student who scores of 78? Performance measurements that are too small, have little real meaning when it comes to student performance. Learning Plans solve this problem by using ranges of scores to determine if a student has foundational knowledge, is building skill, or has achieved mastery.

What is a Learning Plan?

SchoolBoogy internally tracks performance by lesson. This allows the system to track a student's skill level for specific lessons and concepts. Whenever a student takes an assessment, SchoolBoogy uses this data to generate a Learning Plan that identifies areas where a student needs help and links the student to help resources within Schoolboogy. SchoolBoogy also gives teachers views of the the Learning Plans for their students allowing further lesson customization and reinforcement.

Understanding the Confidence Score

When a student has some unusually low or high scores, it can be difficult to determine what the student actually knows. Did the student guess correctly for an unusual high score? Was there other factors that resulted in a low score that does not reflect true understanding? SchoolBoogy calculates what is called a Confidence Score. It is based on student past performance and lets teachers know if a student needs to retest based on the score.


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