More and more parents are choosing to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons. Even after deciding that homeschool is what is best for their children, many parents find preparing lessons intimidating. Once preparation is complete, parents soon discover how time-consuming testing and grading can be. Schoolboogy offers parents a turnkey solution that takes the pain out of lesson preparations while making testing and grading a breeze.


Covers Core Subjects

Complete lesson plans, learning material, and other learning tools are included for all core subjects.


Easy Testing and Grading

Online assessment and automated testing tools save parents time and allow parents to focus on tailoring learning to their children’s needs.

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On Demand Tutoring

SchoolBoogy supports independent learning through video tutorials and robust practice and self-assessment tools.


Know Your Children’s Progress On Demand

SchoolBoogy makes it easy to track progress and manage the entire learning process to produce better learning retention for children.


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