Online Tutoring

Getting help after you fall behind in a class can be very difficult. Teachers often don’t have the additional time to devote to students after hours. Parents don’t always have the skills to help their children review and understand the material. Students often feel overwhelmed and fall further behind. SchoolBoogy is designed to help students stay current and, if they fall behind, the system gives them the tools to self-assess and catch up on their own.



SchoolBoogy allows students to self-assess their skills in individual lessons. Students can navigate to any past lesson, review the materials, and take an assessment to measure skill improvement.


Learning Plans

Learning Plans are automatically generated from assessment results identifying for the student the precise skills he or she needs to improve upon. Students click the link provided on the Learning Plan screen to be taken directly to the lesson material they need to learn the lesson concepts.


Professional and Teacher Created Video Tutorials

SchoolBoogy also offers professionally designed videos that review material covered in the classroom lesson by lesson. Teachers can also upload and link videos they have created to provide additional explanations of essential concepts. Students can navigate to any lesson, review materials, send a question to the teacher, and take self-assessment tests to track and improve learning.


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