Public and Private Schools

SchoolBoogy can radically increase learning effectiveness in both public and private schools. SchoolBoogy offers innovative technologies that make teachers more effective, enhance student learning, and support meaningful parental engagement.


For Schools

Teaching quality and consistency increase across all subjects.  
SchoolBoogy delivers the complete learning standard aligned package that includes lesson plans, digital textbooks, online testing, and automated grading. SchoolBoogy is highly customizable and is guaranteed to improve classroom learning outcomes. Teacher retention is enhanced by the reduced teacher workload.


For Teachers

The time teachers spend outside the classroom preparing, and grading lessons is dramatically reduced. SchoolBoogy features complete textbooks, lesson plans, online testing, and automated grading tool. Teachers no longer have to spend the evening preparing for the next day’s classes.


For Students

SchoolBoogy makes it easy for students to reach high achievement levels across all their classes.  It provides self-assessment tools and flexible online tutoring capability that makes it easier for students to keep up, catch up, or get ahead. Self-assessment tools allow students to learn their weaknesses and use their automated Learning Plans to strengthen their skills individually. Progress is automatically tracked and share with the teacher and parent.


For Parents

SchoolBoogy keeps parents informed of student progress and streamlines communication between parent and student as well as between parent and teacher. Parents can view student progress in real-time and provides the right tools to help parents engage with their children and teachers to support a better overall result.


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