Schoolboogy is the most complete, the most powerful, the most innovative solution ever developed for the classroom,
And yet, remains surprisingly easy to use.


Lesson Plans and Curricula Based on State Learning Standards

The SchoolBoogy begins with your state’s learning standard and builds upon that foundation.  When the Curricula aligns to the state learning standards, tests and assessments become more meaningful in measuring student success. In SchoolBoogy, Lessons Plans and Curricula are cross referenced to individual standards to ensure everything taught in the classroom is aligned with your school’s total educational objective.

The Learning Engine

Our custom designed Learning Engine delivers high quality content to students in an immersive learning environment that supports conceptual understanding and long term retention.

Cutting Edge Assessment Engine

The integrated assessment engine is literally a teacher’s dream. Objective assessment questions are automatically graded while subject questions like essays can be graded quickly and easily. Teachers are not forced to go from one student assessment to another.  All of the answers to a given question are presented together instead, streamlining the grading process.

And There’s More…

SchoolBoogy is packed with powerful features:

  • SchoolBoogy Studio allows educators to create and customize standard compliant curricula.
  • The SchoolBoogy Learning Engine automatically generates a personalized Learning Plan for each student based on their test and assessment results. A Learning Plan maps the textbook sections, video tutorials, and other learning materials a student must review to progress.
  • The SchoolBoogy Assessment Engine automatically grades objective questions, making subjective question grading less time consuming.

SchoolBoogy takes classroom education to whole new level by empowering teachers do things in the classroom they simply could not do before. Students are presented with a dynamic and robust learning environment, making it possible to absorb and retain information like never before.  Educators, students, and parents alike will love the elegant features in SchoolBoogy.