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The Proven Way to Learn

SchoolBoogy is a Classroom Teacher Management System, complete with a powerful Learning Engine, time-saving Assessment Engine, and new technologies that help students learn more effectively. SchoolBoogy saves teachers time by providing state-of-the-art assessment and grading technologies.




myStudents is designed for teachers and homeschool parents to allow them to track students progress and teachers to guide individual learning achievement. myClasses has advanced features like automated grading and detailed individual Learning Plans that free teachers to focus on teaching.

myKids give parents a real-time view of their child's progress. Parents can easily view their child's Learning Plan and track their child's mastery of individual concepts. An informed parent is a parent that can take an active role in their child educational progress.


How Your Brain Learns

A Must See Video

Learning is a biological process.  Humans have a hard-coded learning process that cannot be changed. There is no workaround.  We may have different interests, but the basic process is the same.  Understanding how you learn is key to unlocking academic achievement.


Empower Your Child To Learn

Whatever your educational needs, SchoolBoogy has a product that is right for you.

Although SchoolBoogy focuses on delivering it innovative technology to the classroom, our solution is ideal for homeschooled children or can make a huge difference for children needing extra help outside of school. SchoolBoogy offers products and services customized or schools, homeschooling parents and for students that just need a little extra help.


Public and Private Schools

Less Time Grading. More Time Teaching

SchoolBoogy is designed to integrate seamlessly into the classroom, offering students digital curricula and an immersive learning environment. Automated assessment generation and grading saves teachers time and effort.


Online Tutoring

No Child Should Ever Struggle To Get Help

SchoolBoogy Online Tutoring can make a huge difference in your child’s school performance. Unlike other online services, SchoolBoogy is designed to working along side your school’s curricula to deliver consistent content. There is no guess work.  Simple enroll in the same course you are enrolled in school and follow the easy to use lesson plan for amazing results.


Structured Learning That Exceeds Standards

Homeschooling can be very demanding. Parents must choose curricula and then manage day to day lessons plans for multiple children across age groups. SchoolBoogy makes homeschooling a lot easier by doing all the prep work and leaving parents to focus providing individualized attention to their children.


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