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myStudents is designed for teachers and homeschool parents to allow them to track students progress and teachers to guide individual learning achievement. myClasses has advanced features like automated grading and detailed individual Learning Plans that free teachers to focus on teaching.

myKids give parents a real-time view of their child's progress. Parents can easily view their child's Learning Plan and track their child's mastery of individual concepts. An informed parent is a parent that can take an active role in their child educational progress.


Data is critical when making decisions for our children and evaluating the results. SchoolBoogy Administrator is a customizable tool that captures student performance data in real-time to identify learning trends and high learning challenges automatically.  No more time spent compiling data for reports. We automate the process.


How Your Brain Learns

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Learning is a biological process.  Humans have a hard-coded learning process that cannot be changed. There is no workaround.  We may have different interests, but the basic process is the same.  Understanding how you learn is key to unlocking academic achievement.


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Chantilly, VA 20151

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