Schoolboogy Was Developed To Help Teachers

Make An Even Bigger Difference

SchoolBoogy Improves Student Performance and Closes the Learning Gap for Under Performing Students

SchoolBoogy believes that the best way to close the learning gap is to empower teachers to teach, and empower students with new tools to learn more effectively. SchoolBoogy was developed focusing on under performers with the belief that what works on under performers helps higher performing students as well.

How Does SchoolBoogy Work?

SchoolBoogy is a new class of education software.  It is a “Teaching Management System”.  What makes SchoolBoogy unique is that it designed to enhance a teacher’s ability to teach and rapidly assess student progress to support adaptive teaching methods. SchoolBoogy provides innovative technologies based on neuroscience. Learning is a biological activity. Based on biological learning patterns, SchoolBoogy helps all student learn better.  The human brain is designed to forget. SchoolBoogy leverages the brain’s natural long-term memory trigger to dramatically increase learning retention. Good students will always do well, so we focused our testing and research on under performing students.  The results have been substantial. 98% of our trial study students  achieved a two letter grade increase in under 4 months. 

Signup For A SchoolBoogy Pilot and Start Closing the Learning Gap

SchoolBoogy would like to offer you a free pilot. For the 2019-20 school year, we are focusing on 7th grade math.  All you need to do is select one 7th grade math teacher and we will do the rest.  The pilot focuses on all math classes taught by a single teacher. What better way to demonstrate the power of SchoolBoogy?  Every school district is different and a pilot is the best way to lay a foundation for a broader SchoolBoogy roll out. Once the pilot is complete, SchoolBoogy will work with district staff and teachers to plan your district wide rollout.

How Much Will SchoolBoogy Cost? It’s Free!

SchoolBoogy is funded through partnerships with local and national businesses. Your only cost is your time.  First, we meet with you to discuss the needs of your specific school district. We create a custom project plan and estimate the overall costs.  Next, we go to work talking with business sponsors with covering the cost of implementation, training, and ongoing operations. Every school gets an onsite Learning Coach.  The Learning Coach’s job is to work full-time with teachers in the classroom to help teachers leverage the full power of SchoolBoogy and to help students master using the system as well.

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